· New product roadmap designed to help change everyday lives of patients and athletes · HEALTHCARE: Smart Mattress and Smart Wheelchair Cushion to compliment Smart Insole invention · SPORTS: Cycling power meter technology offers affordable way to improve training · Glasgow company now looking for further partners to commercialise their healthcare... more
HCi Viocare has appointed Yannis Levantis as a member of the Board of Directors of the Company. The appointment comes at a time of operational growth for the Company, which is currently establishing a chain of Prosthetic, Orthotic and Diabetic foot rehabilitation centres in Europe, and expanding its R&D portfolio of devices for the larger... more
Heleen Kist, our COO will be present as speaker at the IoT Summit in Dublin, which brings together corporate, entrepreneurs and investors alike to explore how the Internet of Things means business. - See more at: http: //www. iotsummit. ie/#sthash. H39Bf4ar. dpuf Heleen Kist will talk about the revolutionary smart sensor technology and its... more
Our COO, Heleen Kist was invited by News Medical to provide 'Industry Insights' on the Internet of Things and to showcase HCi Viocare's insole for diabetes sufferers. News Medical is a leading online publication that features the latest developments in life sciences & medicine for healthcare professional, medical researchers and engaged... more