HCi Viocare introduces the future of driving experience, applying its cutting-edge Flexisense™ technology to automotive tires

HCi Viocare Technologies has developed a new application for its revolutionary sensing technology Flexisense™, now for automotive tires.  Flexisense™ applied to the automotive sector brings vehicle users the future of the ultimate driving experience.


Flexisense™ applied to tires is able to monitor in real time tire deformation and actual traction between the tire and the ground, feeding back information to the vehicle’s CPU, allowing the vehicle to adjust to varying road and weather conditions, and significantly increasing safety and performance. The system also provides actual power output data which can be used to improve engine and fuel efficiency, monitor tires and suspension life and improve driving experience.


The uniqueness of Flexisense™ consists of its affordability, its ability to work under any conditions such as heat, humidity and vibrations that negatively impact other sensing methods, and its incomparable flexibility and adaptability to different applications. The high interest shown by prospective partners for the Company’s technology after its initial success with the diabetic insole drove HCi Viocare Technologies to develop further applications for athletic shoes, mattresses, bicycles, gaming, and now for the automotive industry and vehicle tires.  


Dr. Christos Kapatos, HCi Viocare’s co-founder and CTO stated: “we believe the adaptations of Flexisense™ are limitless – our latest revolutionary project brings innovation to the automotive sector, as the driver and the vehicle receive useful information from the tires that make driving much easier and safer. A new era of driving experience has begun and our unique technology applied to tires is certainly a part of it.”